In this episode we have Laura Hurren who is the Executive Director of BNI Central London and Italy.


BNI is a formalised business network and typically has meetings based around breakfast or lunchtime. Laura and I had just come from a meeting in BNI Islington where she had a starring role in the agenda!

We talk in this episode about why referrals are such a powerful way of recommending business and how if you can get into a good networking group then that could be a great way of getting business.

Laura Hurren of BNI Central London first came across a BNI chapter whilst in USA on a business trip in the USA. She brought it back to UK after testing the waters to see if the concept would potentially sink or swim on this side of the pond.

BNI is coming into its 20th Year in the UK and at the time we recorded was going to have a large conference with over 700 delegates – all BNI chapter members.

If you are interested in BNI as a way to expand your business please do let get in touch with Laura via the links below.





Laura Hurren



Laura on LinkedIn



BNI London



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