Rik Lomas of SuperHi

On this we speak with Rik Lomas! Rik is currently based in the USA and is working on building up SuperHi and going into the

This was the first episode I recorded aaaages ago. It was really cool catching up with Rik, he taught me how code! I took a Ruby on Rails course with the now sadly defunct training company Steer. The course was ace and I learned so much – now sadly forgotten… boo…

He started learning to code by making websites, even when his computer wasn’t connected to the Internet! We talk about his first job making the Charlotte Church back when she became big whilst working a digital agency.

Rik learned and developed his coding skills on the job and to get new jobs and including working with a few startups including Steer, which is where I met him!

Steer was a coding school and came and went for him and he decided to go their separate ways.

SuperHi was that separate way!!







SuperHi.School – The in real life summer school

Superhi.com – the online development platform – COMING SOON



Huge shout out the Tony and Jay at GL Productions for the excellent editing skills and to Mighty People to the music that you can hear now.

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Thanks everybody for listening!