In this episode I chat to Howard Kingston of Adludio!

I should say that at the start of this episode I told him that this was going to be episode 13 or 15 but I was wrong. Sorry!


We wax lyrical about General Assembly, as that is how I met Howard in the first place on one of his courses. GA is a great place to check out for a huge range of courses. If you want to learn new cool things then please go to the General Assembly site, there are courses all over the world for your edification. If you are in London please do sign up to one of Howard’s Classes.

The first class that I went to with Howard was the Growth Hacking one – this lead into tonnes of conversation about growth hacking, its origins and how to keep on top of it.

We also spend a good bit of time chatting about the company that Howard started yo Adludio help global brands look incredible on mobile phone. They work with Nike, Unilever, Heinz and Reckitt Benckiser.

Adludio do some really innovative things in the world of mobile advertising and some of the concepts that he described made me think “Hey – that could really work with me!” Normally I blank out adverts but what Adludio do would be hard to ignore so I think that they must be winning!










General Assembly



Huge shout out the Tony and Jay at GL Productions for the excellent editing skills and to Mighty People to the music that you can hear on the show.


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