Just what is social media analysis, and why does it matter to you and your business? In this blog, we’ll take a look at the history of social media analysis in the UK, and how it has changed the way many of us interact with our customers and approach our marketing campaigns.

When it comes to attracting customers through social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, professional analysis can determine your Buyer Persona or Target Market,  where they hang out online, your chance of reaching them and the ways you need to build and grow your campaign.

As social networking is a priority destination for the majority of web users, businesses have established that they need to be present in those communication channels. Without an active social media presence, some companies are in danger of becoming invisible to a large section of their audience.

This is where networking-savvy competitors are able to snap up those online clients and cost you business of your own as a result. Stepping up the social media game and delivering a targeted campaign that addresses the right people at the right time is sure to open up a whole new audience for you – and give you chance to make them paying customers of your own.

Social media analysis is a specialist arm of professional marketing analysis. It looks at how social media actions affect your business, from site visits and current engagement levels as a result of your networking efforts through to adding revenue to your business.

When businesses first started using social media, they tried to tackle it in isolation. Although some SEO companies were offering social media management services, many still felt that it was a discrete part of their marketing stratgy. Social media itself has expanded dramatically over the years and has become the hub of international communications between many businesses and their audiences.

Understanding and adapting to social media trends, which change rapidly as the sites themselves, is now key to having a thriving social network enterprise.

Now, social media analysis in the UK is a growing business in itself, and many companies are embracing the metrics and data as a way to unlock their online potential. By effectively establishing and defining Key Performance Indicators, analysts can offer a unique insight into the way social media is impacting a business, and how it can become a more positive force for driving sales and creating conversions. If you want your business to get ahead of the crowd, you need to consider whether the analysis from a professional service could answer your problems. We create solutions that work for each business as an individual entity, attracting the right kind of customer and keeping a positive business image at all times.

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