Kobestarr Digital Podcast Episode #001 Vincent Dignan

Hey guys and welcome to the first ever Kobestarr Digital Podcast!

Episode #001 features Vincent Dignan! I met Vincent about a year ago when he was speaking at an event in London where he just proceeded to give away all of his secrets about growth hacking and how to grow your company quickly.

I was surprised at how candid he was and He’s now gathered quite a following doing them! As we spoke he was set to do his second tour of the US from LA to New York and every place in between.

Vincent Dignan of Magnific in Full effect talking about Growth Hacking and the kickstarter Campaign for Secret Sauce Now on the Kobestarr Digital Podcast


We launch our first ever episode of the Kobestarr Digital Podcast on the same day that Vincent was launching his first book together with Co Author Austin Allred who Vincent Claims “is a far better growth hacker than he is”

I should note that we talk about the haters who have found him on social media and details about the murky roots of growth hacking. This segment does contain a few strong words and talk of a more adult nature. I would normally cut these out but it’s an interesting part of his story that I think is totally important to share!

I have a Clean version of this episode so If you are of a fairer disposition please download and listen to that one – it will be available right now.

Ok so onto Vincent and I – See you on the other side!



People and resources that we talked about on this show


@SecretSauceNow on Twitter

Vincent Dignan on Twitter @VincentDignan

Austen Allred on Twitter @AustenAllred

The James Altucher Podcast – has profoundly changed Vincent’s Life

Gary “Vee” Vaynerchuck

The 48 Laws of Power – Robert Greene

Sumo Me – to grow email lists

Audiense to get all of the public data from twitter

Vincents Gold Shoes on the Kobestarr Digital Podcast

Gold Runnings