Social Media Analysis in the UK is usually performed to a high standard by the marketing industry. Yet that doesn’t mean that the industry is devoid of pitfalls – far from it.

Although there are a number of common problems which engulf the industry, when it comes to social media analysis in the UK that stand out more than any others. Here are the biggest issues that exist today with some ideas on how to resolve them.

1. Not Understanding the Relevanat Analytics Data

Social Media Consultants and other professionals who work in social media management can often busy themselves looking at the wrong metrics, and as a result key data gets missed. This is understandable but doesn’t need to happen!

Although most professionals will consult these figures, they will often browse the main headlines, rather than try to understand the undelying value. For instance, they will look at the number of favourites and retweets their Twitter content is receiving, yet ignore the number of mentions and level of engagement their profile receives.

All data is useful and can open up opportunities for improvement, so it is easy to get blindsided by these vanity metrics. As a way of resolving this, spend some time in the early stages of any campaign and look at as much data as is viable. You will then be able to zero in on a few of the most relevant metrics that can be used to report progress.

Sending regular reports to each profile owner should only include these  relevant factors. Once the information is neatly packaged for them, professionals will be more likely to absorb it as intended.

2. Only Analysing your Own or Your Clients Statistics

A company’s analytics tell them whether they’re doing well or badly; their competitor’s statistics tell them where there is room to improve or stay ahead of the game.

This simple rule of marketing is why every business should be monitoring the results of not only their campaigns, but those of their rivals too.  Many will focus solely on their analytics, relying on their knowledge and initiative to conceive ideas while ignoring the wealth of evidence already out there as to what does and doesn’t work.

Making use of the competitor data out there gives you the opportunity to outsmart rather than outspend your competition!

3. Too much useless advice online

The internet can be compared to a large room filled with people shouting at each other. It may even be a better analogy , to say that most of the people were shouting nonsense.

With so many companies churning out rapidly written, poorly researched content , the process leads to reams of useless information being displayed online. As a result, myths about social media analysis in the UK are perpetuated and spread like wildfire.

You might not be able to stop the myth-making, but you can show it up for what it is. Stick to getting industry trusted  advice from  fellow marketers against taking on counter-productive ideas, allowing them to focus on more useful tips instead.

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