I love these locale based posts! Just because the internet can take you global within microseconds of pressing the “Go” button doesn’t mean that you will benefit from trying to attract all of the 7billion people in one fell swoop.

So you’ve come to the conclusion that an online presence is necessary for the success of your business. If you are online and already making use of digital marketing, inbound marketing, content marketing and social media, how can you be sure that your business gets noticed? One big mistake is to discount the relevancy that people place on your location. If you are based in London or Manchester as we are, reaching out to clients based in London, Manchester or your local area may reap benefits.

Digital marketing is the process of using technology to reach out to clients, and it is proving to be a very successful B2C and B2B communication method. In order to remain present in this digital world, companies are getting online but need to make sure that their digital marketing reaches the right people.

Here are ten great reasons why you should head to the keyboatds and get started attracting new clients in London (…or insert your city here…) with digital marketing today.

1. 85% of customers use the internet to find local businesses

Whether through a smartphone app or via your company’s website, most of your clients will seek you out online. If they do not spot your service in their search results, they are likely to pick someone else who did have a site. If you are not yet online, start your digital marketing campaign here and establish a professional, informative web presence.

2. London is the base of many, many businesses

Local competition is high in such a busy city, and likely your area too. There is is probably enough to handle without taking on the rest of the world! You need to make sure that yours is the name found by your potential customers. Investing in structured digital marketing such as an localised Inbound Marketing Campaign, including making sure you rank above the competition will have it’s benefits.

3. More than half of the country uses social media

In a population of over 64 million, 38 million people were using social media by the start of 2015. That figure continues to grow. If you are not reaching out to these users, you are missing out on business.

4. Your content is old and out of date

Digital marketing needs to be fresh. You should be updating your site and your social networking accounts regularly, otherwise your visitors will get bored and stop coming back. If your content is overdue a refresh, consider producing more to spice it back up again.

5. You are getting a lot of the wrong types of visitor to your site and social media

It’s easy to get carried away with the vanity metrics and trying to attract high numbers of visitors, but how many of these visitors are actually converting? Spend some time and work out where the best converting visitors are coming from. Are they coming from LinkedIn? Are they coming from North London? Are they all nurses? If you find that a particular demographic works for you that may be a good reason to focus your efforts on them.

6. Your site traffic remains low despite all efforts to raise it

Sometimes the answer to better online exposure is hidden in the data. Social media analysis will look at your current traffic, your campaign and strategy and the ways you can improve on what you are already doing. Remember that lower site visitors with a higher engagement may be  better than a higher number of visitors with low interaction.

7. You forget to answer queries online

Engaging with customers is one of the ways social media has given companies their personalities back. You can speak directly to the public and help them with anything they need. However, not answering comments can reflect badly. Make sure your social media strategy includes regular updates, or consider asking a social media professional to take over.

8. You haven’t linked your accounts

Not only do you need to stay on top of content marketing and social media, but you need to make sure all your accounts are sending out the same consistent professional message and that it is easy to find one via the another.

9. You are yet to use any paid service

It can be easy to try and take on digital marketing for free, but without spending could will be missing out on some of the benefits a paid campaign can offer – and losing the business it could drive, too. Many companies find that a pay per click campaign or similar paid marketing tool will really drive traffic to their site. There are plenty of ways to get maximum coverage with relatively little cost, so discuss this with a digital marketing consultant and set up paid ads that suit your budget and goals.

10. Your customers are asking about your online presence

If your customers are asking for your web address or inquiring if you are on Facebook, that is a sure sign that you should be investing in digital marketing and trying to meet their need.

For more information on our digital marketing services and to make sure that you are winning with your online campaign, call now and arrange a consultation with a professional analysis and marketing expert.

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