Jackie Fast of Slingshot Sponsorship

Jackie Fast started out life as a mathematician in Vancouver, Canada. She bought a plane ticket at 4am one morning and Canada for a 1-2 month tour of Europe with the first destination being London… and 12 years later has never left…



After working at the Direct Marketing Association part time she started up their Commercial and Partnership Division as Sponsorship Manager. Her target was £50,000 in her first year and smashed it bringing in over £100, 000 in her first year and £500,000 in year three!

She became notorious and headhunted by several companies to do the same for them but decided to start Slingshot Sponsorship instead.

We talk about how sponsorship is not just about money – because you would get advertising money from people that you don’t like. There is no way that you can get sponsorship from people that you don’t like. It’s a partnership. You should be assessing everything that you can offer and a company and that they can offer you. Distribution for example might be a something that is difficult to negotiate for new businesses, so partnering with a company that could help you with distribution would be a great place to start.

I was quite surprised to see that less well established companies should consider the sponsorship route. A huge part of the process is establishing the value in the assets that you have to offer, you may be surprised to realise that you are more valuable than you think!

If you are looking for other ways to monetise your company then sponsorship would be a great place. There’s no better place to start than with Jackie Fast  and the guys at Slingshot Sponsorship




Jackie is super happy for you all to contact her via her email address which is jackie@slingshotsponsorship.comso what are you waiting for??










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